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The only way to grow and transform your self is by learning the laws of nature and working according to them. Have you ever experienced the serenity and calmness in the nature? It is because everything is living according to the universal laws. In the race of development and our attraction in becoming westernized we have lost the connection with these laws. We find answers to all our dilemmas in our ancient scriptures. The major reason that we do not look there for answers is the downfall of language “Sanskrit” Understanding this basic issue Acharya ji has simplified and translated the Vedic gyaan from Sanskrit to understandable form for common people. Surprinsingly the answer for our every dilemma, query lies in the Vedas. The vedic and tantric laws that are just so simple yet very elevating. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is science woven around the path shown to us by the Maharishis who worked for the benefit of humankind. The path is crafted in a way that can benefit every person belonging to any walk of life, any age and any profession equally.


Masters say that each one of us are all born with immense potential and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan gives you methods of masters to bring out those infinite powers of the inner world which are hidden deep in us. We all wish to awaken to the light of various possibilities within us. TSV is that science that connects us to the principles laid during the formation of this universe. Once you are initiated and practice the unbeatable laws it is impossible for you to live again an miserable form of life. TSV brings the liberates you so that you can live an unbound life.

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