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TattvaShakti Vigyaan Deeksha

With divine grace of Shiva-Shakti and blessings of Gurumandala, we are here to help you embark upon your true spiritual journey. The inclusion in gurumandala through initiation is what is open to one and all but how much one progresses and achieves is dependent on what one handles the discipline of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. We shall give you the complete understanding of the principles and practices pertaining to this spiritual discipline and support you all through. Rest assured even if you stick to the basic practices you will help yourself grow in more joyous, fulfilling and balanced way through your life – materially and otherwise.

What is Tattva Shakti Vigyaan?

This visible universe is created with five energy-bands popularly known in Indian scriptures as Panch-Tattvas or Panch-MahabhootasThey are commonly called Elements or Tattvas.  Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is an ancient spiritual discipline handed down in Guru-Shishya parampara of Tantric lineage. Many tantric texts hint at this secret science and you shall find mention of terms like bhoot-shuddhi or Tattva-Shuddhi. In fact Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is the foundation of all spiritual systemswithout mastering which awakening of Kundalini is next to impossible.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is about the secrets of connecting with Tattvic Energies in the realm of Shakti (Divine Mother – the creator of universe) at will and make use of these conscious energies in reshaping our life along with ascension of consciousness or Kundalini.

What are benefits and the ultimate goal of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices?

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices are about taming and harnessing these creative Tattvic energies and thus there is virtually nothing which escapes an accomplished Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Practitioner. Though the prime goal of a Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner is always ‘Self-Realization’ and ‘supreme bliss’ yet with the blessings of Gurumandala and grace of Shakti innumerable hidden powers (siddhis) keep following an advanced and devout Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioner:

  • Abundance, Sense of well-being and rooted-ness (Prithvi Tattva)
  • Improved energy-levels, Capacity to see Auras, heightened awareness (Agni Tattva)
  • Improved EQ, Healing abilities, Flourishing loving relationships (Jala Tattva)
  • Strong and unclogged Nadi-System (pre-requisite for Kundalini Awakening)
  • Intuition & access to collective cosmic wisdom or Akashic records (Akasha Tattva)
  • Telepathy and Clairvoyance through (Vayu Tattva)
  • Magnetic personality and radiant aura (Effect of balanced chakras)
  • Mind management (Access Bars) & Emotional freedom (Marma & Nyaasa vidhi)
  • Capacity to stop any evil force or activity, manifestation of desires (Shakti Grace)
  • Atamsaakshaatkaar or self-realization (Guru-Grace)

In fact no system of material science or spirituality in the world can ever be outside the scope of Tattvas and Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. Does it sound like a coincidence that there are 5 Tattvas and we have five organs of perception? It is not! Man is the creature of 5-dimensional existence and so whatever we can touch, taste, smell, hear and see is nothing but Tattvas. Even God is experienced through these tattvas only. For those who have experienced God or Truth in their deepest states of Samadhi have found the God to be Infinite Source of Light (Agni) or as un-struck Sound (Akasha).

It should not be out of place to So these are is the same universal Tattvic principles working right from the stage of seeking, preparation and then finally the enlightenment.

What can I expect from “ Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha Camp”?

One most important and divinely beautiful thing which Tattva Shakti Vigyaan does is that it connects you to the Gurumandala through the process of initiation. Needless to say it is THE most wonderful moment for a true seeker!

For those who are more interested in the content table and what shall be covered in the two days, here it is :

  1. Introduction to Gurumandala
  2. Origin and lineage details of Tantra
  3. Growth Path with Tattva Shakti Vigyaan
  4. Introduction to Tattvic matrix of universe
  5. Awareness of Limitations of an unrealized soul
  6. Panchkosha, its hidden powers and practices to empower them
  7. Assessment of your Tattvic Imbalances
  8. Tattvas in the perspective of Black & White Magic
  9. Important information on Sorcery, Channeling and Tantric rituals
  10. Concept and secrets around Tattvic Purification
  11. Chants for cleansing energies to make sacred space for practices
  12. Methods to Connect and Balance with Tattvic Energies
  13. Different types of Vayus & their role
  14. Introduction to hand-gestures to control energy flow and Vayus
  15. Ritual of connecting with Bhagwan at will
  16. Tattva-Dharana Kriya & Tattva Urja Prayog for sowing the seed of intention
  17. Best practices in breathing and cleansing energy-channels of the body
  18. Discussion about various Asanas suitable during practices
  19. Discussion on meditation and relaxation techniques
  20. Do’s and Don’ts during TSV practices
  21. Personal Mantra & Initiation or deeksha (optional)

Your personal Mantra which is given at the time of initiation is they key. It cleanses your elemental blockages and strengthens your Annamaya Kosha. It balance the elements in your body. This mantra when energized through disciplined practices readies your energy centers to be able to tune to the particular element. All you need is regular practice of just 21 minutes morning-evening every day.




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Tattva Shakti Therapy- Basic Course

Health is biggest boon …. An unhealthy body is the biggest curse

Face the reality.. Many diseases like food allergies, heart and brain strokes, diabetes, autoimmune diseases like arthritis, migraine, sinus muscular atrophy and many others are spreading like epidemic.  The increasing pollution and unhealthy food and extreme electromagnetic radiations are making things worse. The sedentary and stressful lifestyle is making people suffer from many chronic diseases. By each passing year your dependency on allopathic medicines is increasing.

Some bitter facts about health

  • Highest use of antibiotics in last 100 years has reduced our immunity
  • More than 70% diseases are caused by our lifestyle
  • Most bacteria are getting drug resistant
  • No new antibiotic discovered in last 30 years
  • Hospitals are not safe as they are breeding ‘superbugs’
  • Many new diseases and viruses are popping up every month
  • Cure with artificial medicines is always with potent adverse side-effects
  • Medical experts and researchers say they can’t compete with epidemics
  • Pollution and contamination of Earth, Water, Air & Space is playing havoc on our health
  • Urban population away from nature is most susceptible to diseases

Where is Hope?

  • Human body has miraculous powers of self-healing
  • Nature has blessed our body with best healing capacity
  • With suitable methods body’s capacity to heal can be increased manifolds
  • Yoga, Power of Sound, Positive affirmation trigger and sustain healing energies in our body
  • Energy Medicine is getting accepted by modern medical fraternity
  • Ayurveda, Naturopathy, acupressure and Traditional medicines great immunity boosters
  • Natural remedies are safe to administer without any side-effects

Best Comprehensive Natural Healing System – Tattva Shakti Therapy

  • Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is the most ancient system of purification adopted by rishis and sages
  • Based on ancient wisdom and dates back to pre-Vedic ages
  • Energizes the body at cellular level and awakens body’s self-defense mechanism
  • Uses Yogic methods to tap energies of Akasha, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithvi
  • Recognizes five natural basic energy-bands for cure and healing
  • Connects us to universal energies called
  • Works on all levels i.e. Body, Mind and Spirit
  • No age limit – Everyone can learn to heal oneself
  • Natural and easy to learn

‘Tattva Shakti Therapy’ is the most powerful among all therapies-

What makes Tattva Shakti Healing the most effective system of all self-healing systems is the fact that it incorporates the best practices of all aspects of healing.

  • Detects your current health issues
  • Identifies weak organs which are prone to diseases
  • Gives you an idea of your Tattvic imbalances (the root cause of diseases)
  • Gives quick and sure relief by stimulation of energy points on your body
  • Uses power of Sound and Symbols to create Positive Energy in your body and surroundings
  • Cleanses, energizes and strengthens your nervous system
  • Gives you knowledge on understanding your swara and how to use it in daily life
  • Identifies your dosha and gives dietary recommendations based on Ayurveda
  • Initiates you to self-healing by connecting you to divine-healing source & Tattvic Energies

Tattva Shakti Healing system is world’s only comprehensive method as it uses the power of Tattvic Energies, Sound, Healng Symbols, energy principles of Mudra, benefits of Yoga postures, rejuvenation of Breathing, secrets of Marma-vigyaan and use of Ayurveda, in the most structured way!

Complete knowledge of Tattva Shakti Therapy and initiation is offered to you in the workshops conducted by our Masters Acharya Shri Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath and Ma Shakti Devpriya ji. We encourage you to speak with our volunteers to know how you can attend these workshops.


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5-D Shakti Healing

Call- +91-+917428114386 or email- or for more info

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