Sacred Yog Shivir

programme 5 TSV Yoga sivir


Yoga is the essence of Indian ancient scriptures. Yoga literally means “to join.” It refers to connect to the higher source of consciousness. It is a harmonizing system of development for body, mind and spirit. Yoga provides a strong and flexible body and it also improves the functioning of respiratory, digestive, circulatory and hormonal systems. Yoga is a wonderful on the mind body as it brings clarity to mind and emotional stability.


Sacred Association offers a one month Yoga Shivir in the lap of Himalayas. The participants are introduced to village style living that is an enriching experience in itself. Whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner of your Sacred Yog Shivir is designed to benefit you on all levels. During few days Fast will be observed to support the process of cleansing taking place during the course. The second last day “Silence” will be observed. Silence gives opening to your sub-conscious mind and many deep rooted thoughts and emotions start to surface during this period. It is a wonderful way to know our deep rooted fears and emotions without actually being a part of them. The 30 day Yog shivir is filled with Satsangs, Active meditations, learning Yog Asanas from a certified teacher, learning correct methods of Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and much more. Experience the magic the 30 days can bring in your life.


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