Shakti Tantra Program

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Shakti means Energy. Shakti can be understood as female aspect of God or pure energy of universe. Shakti Tantra Sadhana taught by Ma Shakti Devpriya is exclusively for females. It connects you to the divine feminine aspect within the females. It is based on mysteries of “Das Mahavidhyas” Das Mahavidhya are ten powerful insights covered by ten mysteries about ten essential energies also the ten goddesses. The Goddess forms represent various aspects of feminine energies as mysteries of nature. As you live through the experience of each one, you discover the aspect within you too. This is an essential workshop for all the women who wish to celebrate life and their feminity.


It instills strong sense of love, compassion and at the same time fills you with strength and compassion. Learn to connect to the Goddess and awaken HER in your being. This one day spent with the energies of goddess awaken the dormant lying manifesting energies within you. It is the workshop for you if you are…


1. Trying to find out meaning and goal of your life.

2. Wish to discover the divine feminism within you

3. Wish to live and more fulfilled and complete life

4. Wish to advance spiritually

6. Connect to various aspects of Goddess within self

7. Learn Tantric way of worshipping Goddess


Every female is a manifestation of Goddess Divine, she just needs to discover it!


Sacred Association conducts dedicated programmes for women periodically. If you are wish to enhance, sharpen and empower your femininity to rule the world. .. 

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