Tattva Shakti Vigyan – Initiation

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Deeksha
“The moment you establish yourself in harmony with universal energies… you find life’s struggles are vanishing. The more proficient you get in invoking and handling your energies, more effective and successful you become in your personal and professional world. The deeper gets your understanding about psyche – your conflicts start vanishing. The one who practices TSV is naturally intuitive. When you progress on this Path a different kind of magnetism surrounds you… “
- Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath


A 2 -3 days intensive program that can be done in a class room style or in a residential form. This intensive program is for personal growth spanning all areas of your life be it physical, mental or spiritual. The initiation gives you the keys to open the doors of your spiritual transformation. TSV gifts you “Yourself” Yes the one who you crave to become. Everyone wishes to become more harmonious, peaceful and loving. What is that stops us from becoming our True self, the Self that is in harmony with the laws of universe, the self that is untouched by the daily nuances.
Our own conditioned energies stop us from attaining what we always crave for. You can transform your energies by connecting and cleansing the tattvic energies within you. The Tattvas are the building blocks of your complete being. Understanding the tattvic force in your life, you open paths for connecting into more flowering relationships, more meaningful professional interactions and more importantly you form fulfilling relation with your ownself.


Chakras are the energy circles within our energy body and our continuous negative thought processes and interactions, block or imbalance the chakras. The authentic “Tattvic Chakra balancing” makes you experience your chakras for the first time as the cleansing process starts within them. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Initiation is always done in small groups of 10 to 15 as every person is unique and needs special attention. It also includes “Shakti Vahini Shodhan Kriya” and “Tattva Dharana Kriya” which when practiced continuously cleanse and elevate energy flowing in your being on all levels.
Any spiritual practice has two essential components – Initiation and Continuous guidance. Acharya ji & Ma Shakti do not believe in guiding from a higher platform, rather they have always been among people. Every initiate gets the personal attention, guidance and grace of Masters during one’s course of practices. Practitioner’s hand-holding continuous beyond the classroom and such personal attention from them ensures every practitioner gets equal opportunity for growth.
On this journey of Self realization, the first step is working on the physical and energy body, to prepare them for the wonderful and liberating onward journey. The TSV can be best understood as a discipline or process where your mind body and spirit are liberated to create inner well being and experience the awakening within.


The initiation (deeksha) in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is a matter of divine grace. It starts your spiritual journey and has a clear, merit-based growth path for every soul. One should keep in mind that Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is only and only about spiritual progress however other positive side-effects can not be ruled out! You will :


1. Be able to understand your physical and mental being from a different perspective

2. Learn about the energy patterns and dynamics in your physical body that may lead to diseases

3. Learn to change your energy patterns into balanced and self-healing mode

4. Know about your elemental imbalances and how they affect you

5. Learn secret ancient processes to correct your elemental imbalances

6. Learn the powerful elemental & chakra processes that make way for kundalini awakening

7. Cleanse your Nadis and pathways for Kundalini movement

8. Learn about secret processes for activating minor chakars

9. First time acquire the capacity to meditate

10. Attain better control over your energy dynamics

11. Develop your intuition, creativity and ESP

12. Understand and feel the energies of people and places

13. Start making accelerated growth in your spiritual journey

14. Inducted in to a divine spiritual Guru-Lineage

15. Be blessed with the protection of gurumandala during your spiritual practices

16. Receive continuous guidance from Gurumandala throughout your lifetime

17. Become a source of Love and Light to the world

18. Enter the kingdom of divine bliss


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