Tattva Shakti Vigyan interactive – Sanjeevani Vidhya

programme 2 TSV Sanjeevani

A four day residential program that gives you power to use the energies of Tattvas. This is open only for participants who have got initiated in level 1 and have completed the Sadhana successfully. It opens up myriads of possibilities within and is filled with lots of physical and mental benefits. “Sanjeevani Vidhya” is a technique comprising of carefully woven breathing exercises with special mantras received from lineage. Sanjeevani Vidhaya has shown to have profound effects of mental and physical level.


Mental level-


1. More relaxed and calming state of mind

2. Decrease in anger levels

3. Decrease in stress levels

4. Better capacities to handle stressful situations

5. More accepting towards people and situations

6. Enjoying more fulfilling relationships

7. Losing interest in conflict

8. Gaining ability to share more love with everyone

9. Gaining more appreciation towards life in general

10. Inspired to take up new projects

11. Gaining strength and insight to complete pending projects and much more.


Physical level-


1. Feeling more energetic throughout the day

2. Need of rest decreased

3. Stress will not accumulate on physical level

4. Strengthens the immune system

5. Discover a new magnetic personality

6. Get rid of various allergies

7. Feeling light and inspiring from within

8. A stronger digestive system

9. Form fast reflexes

10. Gain a healthy glowing skin


These are few of advantages on physical and mental level, but the TSV-Interactive is the second major step you take towards your spiritual growth. The Sadhana given in this level makes you experience divine energies within and around you in a never before way. As you cultivate your path further you create a harmonious attitude all around you. You learn to connect to the elements and use them for your Sadhana.


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