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Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath and her beloved consort Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath are living Masters of Shakti Tantra and initiated in Shaakt Tantra by Shri Shivanand Nath ji in the holy lineage of Shri Hayagreevanand Nath ji. While many of later Masters in the lineage chose to stay secluded from general public and professed their teachings to select few Shri Poornanand Nath ji who happens to be the paramguru of Acharya ji and Ma was a revered figure in Tantric circles. He did true service to Shaakt tradition especially to the Kaula tradition by spreading authentic knowledge through his notable works on Tantra.

Shri Poornanand Nath ji was better known as Shri Devidutt Shukl in his public life and initiated many well known personalities of just gone by era. Hon’ble Justice of Allahabad High Court Shri Shivnath Katju who is father of Shri Markandeya Katju (Chief Justice Madras High Court) and Hon’ble justice Supreme Court of India, was also initiated in Tantra Sadhana by him. Incidentally Acharya & Ma’s Guru Shri Shivananda Nath ji was also initiated in the same ceremonial function of Shri Shivnath Katju.

Out of many the most visionary missions of Pandit Devidutt Shukl, which he successfully accomplished in his lifetime itself with the grace of Goddess Mother, was to create a circle of Masters. This consortium of great Tantra masters comprising of Guptavataar Babaji of Gujrat (Also known as Babashree or Yogiraj Mehta ji), Swamiji of Pitambara Peeth, Datia (Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh), Ma Shakti of Bihar along with many other renowned and enlightened Tantric Masters of Kaula sects, Sanskrit laureates. These great Masters took oath to collectively guide the aspiring seekers of Truth and Nirvana in Tantra. These divine souls worked together tirelessly for decades for redeeming the lost glory of this path Tantra. For spreading the deep secrets of Tantra and also correct practices to common masses Param Gurudev Shri Poornananad Nath ji (Pandit Devidutt Shukl) started a monthly Hindi magazine (Chandi) dedicated to the subject of Tantra. Many Tantra masters of gone by and present times still swear by the knowledge of Tantra Pandit ji revealed to the world. It is the same divine consortium of compassionate Masters which is referred to as Lodge of Masters or Gurumandala as many of these divine souls continue to work from ‘another plane’, through the existing Masters of the lineage on ‘this plane’ to support, protect and guide the initiated ones and seekers of Truth.

Shri Shivanand Nath ji was the most beloved disciple of Shri Devidutt Shukl ji. Shri Shivananda Nath ji was the only disciple who along with his consort spent his lifetime serving Pandit ji. Shivanand nath ji was truly blessed as he spent maximum time in the grace-field of his Guru Shri Poornanand Nath ji. He earned infinite blessings of Master through his relentless service. Today the most capable of all the disciples of Shri Poornanand Nath ji is Shri Shivanana Nath ji. He is truly the epitome of the Shaakt devotion.

Along with Shri Shashidharanand Nath ji, Acharya ji and Ma Shakti are blessed to be only disciples of Shri Shivanand Nath ji as Gurudev did not make any other disciples during his lifetime. The trio of Shashidharanand Nath ji, Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath ji and his consort Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath ji has been bestowed with the utmost secrets of Tantra and are empowered by their Guru to take the mission of Lodge of Masters further. In the line of the commandments of their Guru Acharya ji and Ma Shakti are putting across the applied wisdom of Shaakt Tantra for common man in the form of Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Sadhana.

Many true stories from the lifetimes of Masters from gurumandala are narrated by Gurudev Shri, Ma and Acharya ji which are being collated and the book shall be published soon by Sacred Association.