Sacred Centers

TAPOSTHALI Panjhiriya Dai Govind Goshala @Madhya Pradesh, India

Penance, self-service is the key to Tapas and only natural living can let one experience its transformative prowess completely. At Panjhiriya Dai Goshala a place situated at the fringes of Panna forests where wild-life is abuzz round the clock, is the place exposing the practitioners to extreme forest living. The living here is tough – bamboo-thatched shelters, bath in natural streams of Panjhiria spring, self-made food, lanterns and hand-held torches being the only source of light in the nights & sleeping on elevated berths made of bamboos and green leaves serving as cushions. Come night and you have jackals, wolfs and wild-pigs roaming and roaring around. Still courageous and nature loving sadhak and sadhikas (practitioners) choose to stay here for a week or so to experience nature and elevate themselves in the energy field of Masters.

The Govind Gaushala houses few dozen of cows and offers the practitioners a unique lifetime experience to participate in daily Gau-Seva regime. This Goshala is being supported by Sacred Association under its project ‘Shri Muridhar Goraksha Mission’ and it is being maintained under the guidance of Muniji of Aryawart Sanskritik Sanrakshan Sansthaan’.

SADHNA STHAL The Himalayan Center @Almora, Uttarkhand, India

Sacred Association conducts it all residential programmes in Himalayas amid pristine natural beauty. The powerful tattvic energies and spiritually vibrant atmosphere of the place is catalytic boost to the individual consciousness. The Himalayan Centre is located at Village Majkhali near the town of Ranikhet in District Almora, Uttarakhand, India. Situated at an altitude of about 1800 meters in the middle Himalayas, the centre overlooks the magnificent snow laden peaks of Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Nanda Devi, and NandaKhat. The grandeur of nature here completely mesmerizes and infuses a great sense of awe in every one. The centre is spread over 2 acres of land on the edge of the forest that lie contiguous with the forests of Kalika, Ranikhet and Chaubatia. These forests, interspersed with agricultural fields and streams form a complex mix of habitat types with several microclimatic niches to harbour a tremendous biodiversity. These forests and far off villages provide wonderful opportunities for long walks, treks and outdoor camping experience.

The Himalayan Centre’s energies are conserved and enhanced by regular Sadhana, Swadhyay and Yoga practices. The centre is also home to the Foundation for Nature Contemplation, which promotes experiential and contemplative learning.

THE TSV NEBULA Divine Planet @Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India

Amid the hustle and bustle of city life ‘Divine Planet’ is a place located in the heart of Delhi where TSV practitioners find peace and a break from their routine. Practitioners living in and around Delhi regularly meet up here and engage in collective TSV practices enriching their experiences in a dedicated meditation room. This place also provides with regular counseling to people who are seriously looking at spirituality for some of their issues. Divine planet is engaged in the noble endeavour of connecting people to their true self through various activities like regular talks by Masters, promotion of alternative medicines and energy healing etc.

Divine Planet is the place where weekly medical consultation by experienced Ayurvedic practitioners is also available under our umbrella initiative for holistic living ‘Sacred Ayurveda’. Our publications, CDs, DVDs, Sacred Accessories, Natural herbs and many homemade Ayurvedic preparations are also available for sale here.

MASTERS’ SACRED SPACE Gyaan-Murli Shri Nilayam @Teertha Raaja Prayaag (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India

Prayag Raj, the sacred place of Sacrifice or Yajna, the place where Lord Brahma offered the first sacrifice after the creation of the world and hence it came to be known as Prayag. The place is so vibrant in spiritual energies that it is better known as the king among holy places (teertha-raaja) in India. It is the place where we have our Guru-lineage rooted in. Four consecutive generations of our Sacred Gurumandala has spent their lives serving the lotus feet of primordial Shakti – The Goddess of three worlds on this very land.

Masters say that “Serving and learning at Guru’s feet is a rare opportunity in the life of Sadhaka and only few lucky ones are blessed with it. Masters continue to guide us on the path and we can never become too wise to learn from them.” Gurumandala has the highest place in our spiritual discipline. The Gyan-Murli Nilayam is not just another place it is that sacred space where our Masters, Acharya ji and Ma Shakti serve the lotus feet of our param guruji Shri Shivananda Nath ji and bring us the divine fragrance of Gurumandala.

Nilayam is situated in the Holy city of Prayag and it is in close vicinity of the our ancestor Guruji’s place ‘Chandi Kaaryalaya’. Nilayam is accessible to only those select few divine souls among us who are deemed fit by Gurumandala.