Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

“The moment you establish yourself in harmony with universal energies… you find life’s struggles are vanishing. The more proficient you get in invoking and handling your energies, more effective and successful you become in your personal and professional world. The deeper gets your understanding about psyche – your conflicts start vanishing. The one who practices TSV is naturally intuitive. When you progress on this Path a different kind of magnetism surrounds you… ”

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath


Universe is not all that meets the eyes

This visible, tangible universe exists within the framework of certain laws. Some laws are being discovered by physicists and other scientists but these pertain to the physical reality only. By knowing these laws humans have been able to manipulate and use the natural resources, energy and matter to their advantage. But scientists say that we are able to feel and analyze an extremely small portion of this universe, the part which is visible or tangible. The very scientist fraternity opines that we may not be experiencing even 0.001% of the universe because a lot more lies beyond our perceptions. And they are right because most of us are still ignorant of conscious energies of Elements (tattvas) which constitute our being and universe alike.

Infinite possibilities are hidden in your body

The basic senses of touch, smell, taste, sound and sight are not all which a human is born with. There is a lot more to it. Ancient seers, spiritual scientists or Masters as we call them not only proved that within this human body the capacity of super-humans is hidden but also showed the path to invoke those powers in us. In modern times there are few groups of scientists who are considering these claims seriously and they are investing lots of efforts in trying to uncover the mysteries which might still be unknown (or forgotten) to mankind today. Their researches are progressing but sooner or later they will discover that their instruments are no more capable of further penetrating the domain of Supreme. So far their focus has been in energy medicine, alternative healing techniques etc. What is the purpose of these endeavors? It is to reduce pain, disease, misery and death from human life. Why reinvent the wheel? Masters have already told that there are infinite possibilities beyond the visible realm. In fact Spiritual Scientists and Masters have given us the golden principles and techniques to live a purposeful, affluent life and also experience the ecstasy of reaching your ultimate destination – being all powerful and immortal. TSV is one of them.

The Masters are the timeless teachers of the Universe

Masters are not the projection of our mental faculty called creativity. They are a reality.. they exist. In fact they come to this plane from time to time as per the plan for this planet. The purpose of their coming is to raise the collective consciousness of Human race to new levels. Not only Masters have been guiding & educating the human race so far, they have repeatedly come to even reestablish the order. Though our logical mind makes us doubt and question everything which is presented to us but in the first place it would be childish on our part to believe that such a deep quest for finding a perfect way of living life never existed before, for it definitely did. There have been so many wise and capable men before us. Just by taking birth in the history of evolution at a later date anyone of us can NOT claim to be wiser. If that would have been true today every second child should be born Newton or Einstein. It would be our sheer egoism and ignorance if we ignored the observations, experience and knowledge of wise men those who lived before us and knew much more than we do especially in the domain of ‘self’. It would be just like, we are trying to bore a well for us while the spring of fresh water is just behind our back at few yards.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan – The Science of spirituality from Masters

Masters do not belong to any religion or geography. Whatever they offered in their times was the need of that time and geography. Out of their compassion they spoke to people in their language and gave out what was relevant to them. Right from the Vedic Seers like Patanjali, Gheranda, Shankara, Jesus, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Mahavira, Gurdjieff, Nanak, Kabir, Rabia, Plato, Socrates, Lao tzu, Lamas and many not so known Masters.. they all gave something or the other to humanity in their times. All they propounded spiritual principles they witnessed and experienced.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan is all inclusive. It is a journey to the destination called “mastery over life and success principles”. This journey starts with discipline, self-observation and self-transformation, there is no other way. Masters have observed that to become successful, to tame your present and shape your future, to be a superhuman you need to live in harmony with the universal laws.

Living in perfect harmony with universal laws is TSV; the alchemy of self-mastery. The mastery over the universe can be achieved when we know ourselves completely for what is within that is without; masters have told us. Here one master is not contradicting the laws of other master, because this is not the nature of Masters. The principles are working on all the aspects of “the being.” This is the basis of TSV. The grace of a Master is what is needed to progress in here.

TSV is for You!

The Masters say – being born in human body is the ultimate gift unto you. The sole purpose behind your coming here is to understand your source. They also say if you forget this very purpose of life and get engaged in everything else, you keep coming and going. TSV practices do not require you to relinquish all your pursuits of worldly affairs rather encourage you to experiment, experience and learn from these.

TSV says- Dharma (Living in harmony with others), Artha (Gaining the power to attain worldly amenities), Kama (Enjoyment through fulfillment of desires) and Moksha (Ascension of consciousness towards divine source of your being) must be attained in this very life. TSV practitioner is a Yogi in this world not the one in the Himalayan caves. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan gives you power to fulfill your dreams, be successful in your life. It teaches you techniques which help you in day to day life ensuring success, happiness, health and elevated feeling of being free.

“The more you’l engage in TSV Sadhana, you find life’s struggles are vanishing. The more proficient you get in invoking and handling your personal and elemental energies more effective and successful you become in your endeavours; personal and professional alike. The deeper your understanding grows about your inner layers of body & being – you find yourself in resolving conflicts. TSV practitioner develops divine intuitive and is the source of love and light. When you elevate yourself gradually through TSV practices you find that a different kind of magnetism surrounds you.”

“A TSV practitioner, despite all his/her success and glory is humble and a source of love and light…” – Acharya Agyaatadarshan