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Gyan-Chhaya Gurukulam is an initiative under the guidance of Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath to promote literacy among the tribal children. Currently Sacred Association is proudly supporting the elementary education in the identified Tribal villages of Central India. These villages are small tribal establishments in deep woods where even elementary schooling has always been a problem.

We believe that you too wish to see Bharat as a rising power in coming years and feel sorry for the state of affairs in various sectors of society. If you have identified an area nearby you which needs immediate attention and action please write to us on or It will be our pleasure to serve the society in various ways and will surely “Discuss with you” on how we can support you in your endeavour.

Sacred Association provides many opportunities to extend your support to the noble causes carried by it. You can support in cash, or in kind by giving your time or sharing your talents.You can choose to Donate to any cause you wish. Your contributions help Sacred Association in reaching out more people and supporting them and helping them making a joyous and self sustainable life.

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